Universal gas mask C50 with CBRN filter

General Purpose C50 Mask optimised for NATO defence and law enforcement.

Available in 3 sizes, the C50 features panoramic flexible visor, Electronic Communication Port (ECP) for optional voice projection and radio communication and high flow fail safe drink device.

C50 single filter port mask is CE and NIOSH certified for use in a CBRN environment. The C50 meets the latest NATO military standards.

CBRNCF50CE is a high quality, CE approved CBRN filter canister designed to meet the relevant criteria specified in the EUROPEAN STANDARD, EN 14387. (A1B2E1K1P3). It demonstrates compliance with the test requirements of the NIOSH CBRN standard, category Cap 1 and provides protection against CBRN (chemical, biological and radioactive) warfare agents and a range of TICs/TIMs in particulate, aerosol, liquid and vapour forms.

C50 filter

Universal gas mask